Project Description

Mutter Teresa Charity Burger

Gourmet enjoyment with a clear conscience!

nspired by Mother Teresa and her life´s work, we want to do some charity and assume social responsibility, too .

Therefore, we donate 1 € from every Charity burger to changing selected fundraising campaigns in the region.


The basis is a modest ketchup mustard pesto made of fresh flat-leaf parsley, high-quality ketchup as well as exquisite medium hot mustard.

The patties made from high-quality wholemeal wheat flour (complemented by delicate sprouting seeds like bulgur and flaxseed as well as tasty onions and completed by the right spices like fine paprika and tasteful sea salt) are garnished with finely chopped fresh parsley, juicy lettuce leaves, slices of ripe tomatoes and spicy pickles. The good mission is refined with grated carrots, caramelized onions and gently dried sunflower seeds.

Enjoy our Charity Burger and commit yourself to your environment and your community!