Project Description

König Ludwig Alpen Burger

Bourgeois meets royal!

Our Alpen Burger is inspired by the traditional and hearty cuisine of the Alpine region. It is individually composed of specially selected and fresh ingredients which create the unique hearty and royal taste of our Alpen Burger.


The basis is a delicious mustard parsley pesto made of sunflower seeds grown and dried under the clear alpine sun, cold-pressed oil from high-quality domestic rapeseed, tasty walnuts, fresh parsley and last but not least high-class sweet bavarian mustard. Finely chopped chives refine this pesto.

The burger fillers made from seitan cutlets are merely coated with breadcrumbs and wheat flour. Then they are laid in a nest of the finest corn salad and are garnished with juicy slices of pickles and beetroot. The royal flavour is rounded off by a topping made of grated radishes and carrots, caramelized onions as well as crunchy fried onions for the proper crispness.

Enjoy the Alpen Burger and dive into König Ludwig`s fairytale world!