Project Description

Happy Buddha Asia Burger

Far eastern composition with celestial taste!

Our Asia Burger is influenced by the aromatic, exotic and spicy far eastern cuisine. The exquisite composition of traditional and delicious far eastern ingredients create the balanced and heavenly taste of our Asia Burger which will turn us all into Happy Buddhas.


The basis is an extravagant coriander cashew pesto made of finely chopped cashews, handpicked fresh coriander leaves, cold-pressed oil from high-quality domestic rapeseed as well as tasty walnuts. The finest chili powder, tasteful sea salt as well as a dash of pure and creamy coconut milk underline the characteristic and exotic flavour. A delicate topping made of alfalfa sprouts refines this pesto.

The burger fillers made from traditional long grain rice are boiled in 100% vegetable broth and with exquisite far eastern spices like turmeric, curry, coriander and chili. They are laid in a nest of the finest young leaves of spinach and are garnished with juicy, fried oyster mushrooms and aubergine slices. The composition is rounded off by a topping made of finely chopped mango – the fruit oft he gods-, caramelized onions as well as very delicate coconut flakes.

Enjoy the Asia Burger and turn yourself into a Happy Buddha!