Project Description

Don Corleone Italo Burger

Dolce Vita with Mediterranean delicacy and aesthetics!

Our Italo Burger is orientated stylishly towards the light but tasty cuisine from Bella Italia. The composition of typical Italian and Sicilian delicacies creates the characteristical „Dolce Vita“ taste while meeting the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and elegance.


The basis is a delicious rocket-pino pesto made of gently crushed high quality pine nuts, handpicked fresh rocket leaves, cold-pressed oil from high-quality domestic rapeseed as well as fine dried tomatoes. Tasty walnuts fit delicately into the composition and gives the pesto its nutty flavour which is rounded off with freshly milled black pepper and exquisite sea salt. A delicate topping made of fresh and finely chopped basil refines this pesto.

The burger patties made from delicate polenta are boiled in 100% vegetable broth and are refined with typical spices like oregano, basil, and pepper. They are laid in a nest of the finest rocket leaves and are garnished with juicy, wafer-thin fried zucchini slices. This delicacy is perfected with a topping made of cut olives, caramelized onions as well as finely chopped pine nuts.

Enjoy the Italo Burger and feel the light and sweet Dolce Vita from Bella Italia!