Dive into the colorful world of the vegan cuisine. Cooking enthusiasts get to know culinary specialties of the vegetable cuisine. Together with our experienced cooks, you will be able to create creative and tasty dishes made with fresh ingredients. Here you will find everything you need to know about vegan food. Our professionals have many tips and tricks for you, concerning the shopping for, the preparation and cooking of the raw materials and the perfect food arrangement as well as the decoration of the plates. Enjoy your personal high-end cooking event and enjoy the exquisite food and drinks together with the other participants when the day’s work is done.

We are currently preparing the event calendar and therefore we’d like to ask you to have a little patience. There will be more information and details as soon as possible.


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    IMPORTANT: Please note that due to registrations, we will determine the volume of our food offer and schedule our colleagues. If you – for whatever reason – cannot come, please let us know by phone of E-mail (info@bunteburger.de). Simply not appearing makes our lives very, very difficult. THANK YOU!